Advanced Cancer Diagnosis

When you are first told you have advanced cancer it can feel overwhelming and it is likely that you will experience a range of emotions including: shock, fear, anger, resentment, denial, helplessness, frustration, sadness, guilt, uncertainty, and loneliness. Whatever you feel, you do not have to go through it alone.


It can be helpful to talk to close family members and friends but sometimes they are dealing with their own feelings about your diagnosis, and it may be beneficial to speak with a supportive counsellor outside of the family.


I can provide a safe space in which you can express your feelings of loss and grief, and share your worries and fears which might be difficult to speak to family members about. I can help you to learn mindfulness techniques which have been proven helpful for reducing distress by teaching us to live in the moment and move towards acceptance of the things we cannot control or change.

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