- Beyond Active Treatment

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Many people are surprised to find that once they have completed their active treatment life doesn’t always return to the way it was before their diagnosis.


It is common at this time to feel a little anxious about who is keeping an eye on you - as you are not seeing your medical providers as frequently, and many clients report difficulty managing their fear of recurrence. Some clients say they feel as if the whole ordeal is only just catching up with them once they get off the rollercoaster of appointments and active treatment.


Many survivors struggle to manage ongoing after-effects of treatment (see below) which can make the transition back to work and former roles challenging. This can lead to feelings of loss (see below) and affect our sense of self.


It can be very helpful to seek counselling support during this time of significant adjustment in our lives. Techniques can be explored that may assist with managing anxiety, fear of recurrence and feelings of loss. We can work together to develop strategies to deal with common issues such as brain fog, returning to work and relationship concerns.

Common After-effects of Cancer Treatment

  • Brain fog

  • Fear of recurrence

  • Changes in relationships with family and friends

  • Difficulty with activities of everyday living

  • Difficulty adjusting to life beyond cancer

  • Reduced confidence or feelings of self-worth

  • Difficulties transitioning back to work

  • Loneliness/social isolation

  • Difficulty with intimate partner relationships


Common Feelings of Loss Associated with a Cancer Experience

  • Loss of good health

  • Loss of body parts/body image issues

  • Reduced capacity/perceived competence

  • Loss of sense of self/identity

  • Life as it used to be before cancer


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