About Me

In 2013, I was a full-time high school teacher, wife and mother of four young teenagers when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After completing a rigorous treatment regime,

I became acutely aware of the many challenges involved in transitioning back to my former roles while still struggling with the ongoing impact of my cancer experience.

My challenges led to a quest to understand more about the long-term impacts of a cancer experience on quality of life for cancer survivors and their families. Determined to learn how to better support other women and their families throughout their cancer journey, I undertook a Master of Counselling degree. During this time, I carried out qualitative research at Bloomhill on “Living with the Impact of Cognitive Changes Following Treatment for Early Stage Breast Cancer” and presented my findings on several occasions.

I have a deep empathy for those diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones. I'm passionate about helping them to maximise their quality of life and emotional well-being throughout the different stages of their cancer journey. Primarily, I use a strength-based, person-centred, counselling approach in order to provide a safe, supportive space in which clients can be their authentic selves and feel heard and validated.


My qualifications include a Bachelor of Education and a Masters in Counselling. I am a registered member of the Australian Counselling Association and draw from a range of evidence-based interventions to support healing and emotional well-being. I have a special interest in trauma-informed care and incorporate the use of psycho-education and mindfulness techniques to help clients learn to reduce psychological distress and manage their difficult thoughts and emotions.

I look forward to meeting and working with you.


"Julie was instrumental in helping me get though a very vulnerable time in my life.  Her professionalism and intuitiveness in guiding me through this period were life changing. I am forever grateful."    Tanya

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"My appointments with Julie made sense of my crumbling world after my cancer diagnosis and treatment. I could talk about any fears I had and ways to cope.  She helped me take the small
amount of control I did have and make it count.."   

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"I immediately felt comfortable and found Julie to be very welcoming and engaging from the start of the first session.  Julie ensured that the counselling sessions were a safe space to voice my concerns and issues. I would not hesitate in recommending Julie.”      Vanessa

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"After my cancer diagnosis and continuing treatment, I found my times with Julie so helpful and was able to share a lot of her insights with my family.  She helped my husband and me cope better.   J